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Changes to council services

Find out how services are affected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bridlington Spa

Bridlington Spa is currently closed.

The box office team will contact customers who are affected by the cancellation of November shows, offering a credit to customer accounts or a full refund.

However, it's still be possible to book future events online at the Bridlington Spa website.

Thu 05 Nov

Adult learning

The council’s adult learning centres in Beverley, Bridlington, Cottingham and Goole remain open for employability and accredited courses (including English, maths and ICT), and employability support. All other courses are paused until December at the earliest.

We also offer a range of virtual learning courses to allow you to study from the comfort and safety of your own home.

For further guidance and information, please visit:

Or call (01482) 392844.

Thu 12 Nov

Bins, collections and tips

Bin collections

Bin collections will continue as normal.

Caddy liners

If you run out of caddy liners during the lockdown, please line your kitchen caddy with a sheet of newspaper or place food waste straight into your brown bin.

If you are taking essential waste to a household waste recycling site (tip), you can still pick up caddy bags from there, as part of your journey.

Commercial waste

Commercial waste and recycling collections are continuing as normal.

However, if your business has closed due to the Government guidance, then please contact the Commercial Waste team and we can suspend your service.

East Riding Business (Commercial) Waste - Contact Us (external council website)

Tips (Household Waste Recycling Sites)

Household waste recycling sites across the East Riding are all open to give residents the chance to dispose of essential waste. Strict measures are in place and we ask you to abide by new restrictions.

The sites are open seven days a week, from 10am-5pm. Please be aware there may be waiting times.

The health of residents and the workforce remains the priority of East Riding of Yorkshire Council and site managers FCC Environment – therefore everyone entering the sites must follow social distancing measures:

  • A limited number of vehicles may be allowed on site. A site will restrict vehicle numbers if they deem it necessary to assist with social distancing on-site.
  • Social distancing of 2m should be followed at all times.
  • Please bear in mind that, due to health and social distancing reasons, staff onsite will not be able to help carry your waste. Therefore you should only bring items you can comfortably carry yourself.
  • If you require assistance to unload a heavy or bulky item from your car, then you can bring an additional person from your household to help unload on site. Please advise the site staff on the gate that this is required.
  • The sites close at 5pm and any vehicles onsite need to have unloaded all waste by that time. The last entry will be prior to this to ensure this can be done.

The Reuse Shop at the Humberfield household waste recycling site and the Reuse Electrical Shop at 254 Marfleet Lane, Hull – which both raise money for Dove House Hospice - is closed during the lockdown.

You can still donate unwanted items for the shops at any of the 10 household waste recycling sites.

Unwanted electrical items still in working order and good condition – including fridges, freezers, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, electric cookers and microwaves - may still be collected for free for the Reuse Electrical Shop.

For more information about donating your unwanted electricals and arranging a collection, please call (01482) 710284 or email

Thu 05 Nov

Coastal services

Foreshores, beaches and promenades

Foreshores, beaches and promenades are open but all users must observe social distancing.

The Coastal Services team will still be available on email at


All winter let and annual let chalets are currently closed.

Customers can keep up to date on facebook at:

Facebook: CoastalServicesEastYorkshire (external website)

and at:

East Riding Coast and Countryside (external council website)

If you have any queries, please email and we will respond to you as soon as we can:


Land trains

The land trains ceased operating for the 2020 season on 2 November.

Paddling pools

The paddling pool in Hornsea is closed.

The Bridlington paddling pool is currently open but users are requested to maintain social distancing in and around the pool.

Please email all other enquiries to:

Email :

Thu 05 Nov

Leisure centres

East Riding Leisure Centres are closed until further notice.

Read the latest COVID-19 information on the East Riding Leisure website.

Wed 04 Nov

Hornsea Floral Hall

The Floral Hall is closed for the forseeable future.

Tue 03 Nov

Children's centres

We have closed all of our centres to the public until further notice.

Read more about how children's centres are currently affected.

Mon 09 Nov


All East Riding of Yorkshire Council-run markets, as well as the trader-run markets in Bridlington and Cottingham, remain open during the lockdown – but for food sales only.

Read more about how markets are currently affected.

Thu 05 Nov

Countryside access events

All countryside events have been cancelled. Refunds have been given to anyone booked on these events. We are not planning any future events until further notice.

Visit the East Riding Coast and Country website for all the latest news and events updates.

Thu 08 Oct

Council meetings

Meetings of the full council, the cabinet and other committees are currently being held remotely. You can see agendas and minutes for council and committee meetings, and watch public meetings live or view them afterwards.

View committee agendas, minutes and meetings.

Thu 12 Nov

Play areas and play parks

All council play areas in the East Riding will stay open during the new lockdown.

However, please follow the guidance on how to use play parks safely.

Wed 04 Nov

Sewerby Hall and Gardens

The house, the zoo, the holiday cottages and the café are all currently closed. The grounds and play area remain open for people to take exercise, but social distancing must be maintained. Individuals are reminded that they can only meet one person from another household outside in a public place.

Thu 05 Nov

Food businesses and pubs

Pubs, cafés and restaurants have been told to close their premises due to recent Government guidance, however, some are allowed to sell takeaway food and drink if they have the correct licence, for the time being.

If you have information about a pub, café or restaurant that is opening to allow food and drink to be consumed within the premises, then please report these to the council by emailing:

When ordering takeaway food, we would advise residents to order food by telephone or online for delivery or collection at a specific time, and not to congregate at the premises.

Thu 05 Nov

South Cliff Holiday Park

South Cliff Holiday Park is currently closed to all visitors.

Unfortunately, all holidays are cancelled until Wednesday, 2 December.

Visit the South Cliff Holiday Park website for the latest information.

Wed 04 Nov

Customer Service Centres

Customer Service Centres in Beverley, Goole and Bridlington are only open for pre-arranged appointments which can be made by calling (01482) 393939 only.

Read more about how customer services are currently affected.

Thu 12 Nov

Youth dance

At East Riding Youth Dance we have been exploring our options for resuming normal dance sessions safely.

In light of this we have taken the decision not to run sessions for the remainder of the year and work toward restarting our sessions in person with the appropriate measures in 2021.

Read more about how coronavirus is affecting the youth dance service.

Thu 05 Nov

Private sector housing

Unsafe housing conditions

The private sector housing team remains open to respond to complaints from tenants of serious hazards such as dangerous electrics, defective fire doors and alarms, broken down heating within rental properties.

Please ensure you have made every effort to contact your landlord or managing agent to resolve issues and be able to demonstrate their refusal to rectify matters prior to contacting this department.

Protection for renters

Guidance is available for landlords and tenants in the private and social rented sectors to explain the possession action process in the county courts in England and Wales.

The guidance reflects new national restrictions in England from 5 November 2020.

Understanding the possession action process: guidance for landlords and tenants - GOV.UK

If, having informed your landlord about this, you have further concerns about an eviction being carried out at this time please contact this department.

Private sector landlords

Advice on the enforcement of housing standards in rental properties and licensing of houses in multiple occupation for residential landlords

The government's response to the Coronavirus pandemic has imposed restrictions that are relevant for landlords in the private rented sector. Landlords, managing agents and contractors should minimise access to their properties. If access is permitted this should be only to meet legal standards to ensure tenant safety and welfare whilst observing social distancing measures.

Find out more on GOV.UK (external website)

Council officers will still be responding to complaints concerning disrepair and poor management and licensing standards in the private rented sector. However officers will adapt working practices to minimise visits and contact and may rely on photographs from example tenants in cases. Landlords will be contacted on the basis of these reports and officers will be understanding in terms of the timescales allowing for resolution. It is hoped that by far the majority of cases can be dealt with informally based on common sense agreements.

Consideration of suspension or variation of any Improvement Notices currently served will be given to allow additional time for landlords to comply but this may not be appropriate in all cases. Officers will consider the seriousness of the hazard, the vulnerability of the occupier and confidence that the landlord can demonstrate that appropriate attempts to remedy any hazards being undertaken within an agreed or confirmed additional time frame.

If you are aware of a repair which needs doing but the tenant is unable to permit access due to self-isolation, ask them to document this in a text or an email. Work should not be carried out in properties where the tenant is self isolating or shielding (tenants who are more vulnerable to the infection due to their medical condition) unless there is a serious and direct threat to tenant safety. Urgent matters which we would not consider appropriate to delay would include, water supply problems, sanitation, security, fire safety, electrical safety, gas safety, heating and hot water faults.

In terms of licensing of Housing in Multiple Occupation - new and renewal applications will be considered on a case by case basis with time extensions granted as necessary to take account of difficulties in providing relevant documentation. Further guidance for landlords and tenants is available below:

GOV.UK - Coronavirus renting guidance (external website)

The Health and Safety Executives approach to Landlord’s Gas safety checks can be found on the Health and Safety Executive website but please find a summary below.

We appreciate that social housing landlords may be experiencing challenges in getting gas safety checks completed at this time, for example due to tenants isolating or a shortage of available engineers. However, landlords are still required to take reasonable steps to carry out annual gas safety checks etc. Suspension of all gas safety checks is not permissible as it will unnecessarily put tenants at increased risk, particularly as people are spending all/most of their time at home.

Each property should be considered on a case by case basis, completing safety checks where tenants permit access and gas engineers are available. If you are unable to secure the services of your usual engineers, you must make reasonable attempts to obtain alternative services.

Where you cannot and resource has to be prioritised you can do so, taking into account factors such as (this list is not exhaustive):

the age and type of appliances

previous maintenance/work carried out

breakdown history

the presence of CO alarms

whether the tenant is considered vulnerable for reasons other than risk from coronavirus (COVID-19).

Thu 05 Nov

Shops and high street businesses

FAQs for shops and high street businesses on how to re-open and operate safely under the COVID-19 situation.

Business guidance:

Q1. What guidance is available for my business to re-open and operate safely under the COVID-19 situation?
A1 The government has published ‘Working Safely During COVID-19 in shops and branches’ which can be accessed at:

Working safely during COVID-19 -Shops branches (external pdf)

Q2. What financial assistance may be available to my business?
A2. The following websites outline further links that may be helpful:

Coronavirus support for businesses (council pdf)

Humber Growth Hub - COVID-19 (external pdf)

Love Your High Street (external council website)

Regional Growth Fund - Taking care of business (external website)

Licensed premises/tables and chairs:

Q3. Will I need permission from the council to place tables and chairs outside my premises?
A3. Yes: If you want to place tables and chairs on highway land (carriageway, footway, pedestrian areas and any verge etc) for the consumption of food/drink or alcohol, then you will require a Pavement Consent.

Temporary permission will be considered for up to one year, or no later then 30 September 2021, which will be reviewed on a three-monthly basis.

Any enquiries about applying for a pavement consent need to be emailed to as soon as possible to ensure it can be considered as a matter of urgency.

A3. No: If the land is private land, owned by you, then no permission is needed from the council to place tables and chairs.**

Q4. Will I be able to get a temporary permission to help with COVID-19 Restrictions?
A4. Yes: Temporary consent will be considered, subject to the area’s suitability to be licensed. This consent will be to assist with the COVID-19 Restrictions 2020 and will not set a precedent to be able to get longer term permission to use highway land after this time.

All use of the council highway will need to comply fully with COVID-19 regulations, around social distancing etc.

Q5. Will I definitely be allowed to place my tables and chairs out on the highway?
A5. Due to the diversity of the East Riding area, and town and village centres, every request for a Pavement Consent will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

There will need to be full consideration to such matters as these (this list is illustrative and not exhaustive):

  • Is the highway suitable for tables and chairs (surface material), will they be safe to use?
  • Will placing of tables and chairs on the highway cause difficulties for queuing to use shops? Will it prevent people being able to maintain social distancing when the roads and paths are narrowed/obstructed?
  • Will tables and chairs in a set location cause safety implications for the public including the visually impaired?
  • If two premises are adjoining one another and they both want to place tables and chairs out, how can they work with social distancing?
  • Does the premises have any restrictions on their Licensing Act 2003 premises licence that may prevent use of an outside area?
  • Does the premises have another external area they can use instead of highway, etc?

We cannot say that all premises’ locations will be suitable for placing furniture on the street. Consultation with the council’s planning and highways teams will also be part of this process.

More information on what information you will need to submit to the Licensing team for consideration of an external area can be found here: East Riding of Yorkshire Council - Pavement licences

Q6. If we only sell alcoholic drinks and no food, will we be considered for a Pavement Consent?
A6. Prior to COVID-19, the council would not permit any alcohol-only establishments to be able to use the highway, however some flexibility will be shown in order to assist getting business back trading under temporary Pavement Consents if the COVID-19 regulations allow this use of the highway.

We await further Government advice on this matter which may clarify matters further.

You may also have to apply for a variation to your premises licence under the Licensing Act 2003.

Q7. How much will it cost to get permission for the using the highway to place tables and chairs on it?
A7. The application fee for the short term (three-month) consent will be set dependent on how many tables and chairs your premises would be consented to have.

The fees will be available at this web page:

East Riding of Yorkshire Council - Alcohol, entertainment and food - Pavement licences

Q8. Will I need any insurance to place tables and chairs on the highway?
A8. Yes: You will require public liability insurance (minimum of £5million cover) that includes the outdoor area.

Q9. What about toilet provision?
A9. If food or drink is provided for consumption on the highway or on your private land then suitable toilet arrangements for customers should be in place, ensuring you are meeting the requirements of COVID-19 Secure: 5 steps to safer working.

General highway use:

Q10. Can I put my goods/stall/sign/machine/ride/game on the highway?
A10. No. The highway (carriageway, footway, pedestrian areas and any verge etc) is for the use of the public to travel and gain access to premises. Safety remains the prime concern and this now includes the public being able to socially distance on the highway with enough space as well as safe access to premises for blind and partially sighted patrons and those with other disabilities. Arcade games and rides will reduce space and also attract contact by young children unaware of the risks involved.

Q11. Can my customers queue on the highway?
A11. Generally yes. You must take account of the potential size and queue direction in your own COVID-19 risk assessment (see A1 links above). Your customers should remain only on your frontage, not your neighbours’ (without their consent). Queuing should be in line with buildings rather than across the footpath/walkway which is required for socially distancing passers-by. You may wish to apply your own monitoring and temporary stickers or tape markings to the footway surface to aid social distancing, suitable material is widely available for this purpose.

Q12. Will the council provide barriers for me?
A12. No. It remains the responsibility of individual business premises to undertake their own assessment in preparation for opening and trading and provide any equipment to support this. The use of barriers on the highway is not permitted without consent which will be based upon available width for other highway users to socially distance. Contact for further information on placing barriers.

Q13. Will the council temporarily close the street or parking space to traffic or make the footpath one-way?
A13. Generally no. Such proposals will be kept under review, however, but will only be considered in particularly busy areas where sensible social distancing cannot be achieved. Our towns will continue to rely on roads and parking areas being used for deliveries, travel, shopping, commuting and available to all. Making footways one-way will also be reviewed and balanced with the potential for conflict of destinations and social distancing.

Q14. Can I use my own car park to trade and force customers to park on the highway?
A14. While you are generally able to use your own private land to trade, any detrimental effects on the highway for others in terms of access, safety or obstruction due to parked cars will be addressed by the council.

Q15 Can the council enforce social distancing?
A15. Outside, no. The council will provide signs across our public realm town centres/shopping areas and car parks to remind people of the need to socially distance to keep safe and is providing advice to help support businesses to re-open. Any enforcement action within public areas can only be undertaken by the police at present. Issues relating to social distancing within premises are the responsibility of the business owner, however enforcement options could be used by the council or the Health and Safety Executive if public safety is considered to be at risk by businesses not following the COVID-19 Secure requirements.

Wed 04 Nov

Libraries and mobile libraries

From Thursday, 5 November, East Riding Libraries have reverted back to an 'Order and Collect' service, which was successfully and safely introduced after the first lockdown.

Read more about the library service currently available.

Mobile libraries

The Mobile Library Service will continue to provide an order and collect service and customers of the 'at home' service will still have their books delivered.

For any questions about the mobile library service, please call the mobile library team on (01482) 392749.

Wed 04 Nov
Venues and events


East Riding Museums (Beverley Art Gallery, Beverley Guildhall, Goole Museum, and Skidby Mill) are currently closed.

The Treasure House and café are also closed, but Beverley Library remains open for 'Order and Collect'.

Keep up to date with museum openings on the East Riding Culture website.

Wed 04 Nov


East Riding Archives are currently closed.

The Treasure House and café are also closed, but Beverley Library remains open for 'Order and Collect'.

Wed 04 Nov


All council-run car parks in the East Riding are operating as normal, with regular charges in place.

Parking enforcement will continue in all areas.

NHS and critical care staff, as well as NHS COVID-19 volunteers, can still benefit from free parking while they are on duty as long as they display their COVID-19 parking permit. This is a nationally-recognised scheme.

These permits can only be issued by your own employer.

Find out more about the worker and volunteer parking pass on the GOV.UK website.

Thu 29 Oct

Planning and building control


The planning service remains open but is asking applicants and residents to correspond through online forms, Public Access or email:


Site notices advertising new planning applications are still being displayed. Residents can continue to view and comment on planning applications through Public Access. Residents can also use Public Access to set up an area of search (e.g. for a specific street, town or village) to receive an automatic email notification of any new planning applications in the specified area.

Planning committee

The Planning Committee and the two Area Sub-Committees are continuing but will be held via teleconference.

Western area planning committee

Eastern area planning committee

Building control

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, there will continue to be a little disruption to the day-to-day service provision. Public safety remains the priority and the building control team is working remotely with full access to phones, email and documents to provide a building control service.

Contact the team in the usual way on (01482) 393800 or by email at:

Building regulations applications are still being checked in the usual way and the team continues to offer a reduced site inspection service, so that social distancing rules can be safely observed.

New building control applications should be submitted online at Building Control Services.

Thank you for your understanding.

Mon 28 Sep

Public toilets

All council-run public toilets in the East Riding are open, with the exception of Hessle Foreshore (closed due to building works).

Read more about public toilets.

Wed 04 Nov

Registration services

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the East Riding Registration and Celebratory Service is operating on a reduced staffing level.

The service appreciates the difficult situation faced by the public, couples and venues, locally and nationally during these uncertain times and are doing their best to be as flexible as possible in all circumstances.

The service will be returning enquiries in order of the date received but we acknowledge our reduced staffing level could delay this process.

Read more about:

Thu 05 Nov
Families and care


See the latest COVID-19 information for schools, including closures, advice for parents and school transport.

Wed 04 Nov

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Advice and Support Service

As the current situation develops so rapidly all face-to-face contact will be suspended.

The primary aim is to ensure that service delivery can be maintained across the East Riding of Yorkshire whilst keeping everyone safe and well.

Acting on the advice from the Local Authority, SENDIASS has adapted its service delivery, with all staff working remotely. This means that the team are continuing to offer impartial information, advice and support throughout COVID-19 and social distancing. The team are able to offer advice over the phone, via email and also support in virtual meetings.

Visit the Local Offer website for information in regards to SEN guidance at this time.

You may also wish to follow us on Twitter @SendiassERYC as we will update this with new information as we receive it.

SENDIASS currently ask that anyone requesting information, advice and support contact us via our email or via our new text number 07507310273, leaving a name, details of enquiry and a telephone contact number. This will allow an officer to return contact within 2 working days.

SENDIASS phone lines are now open between 8:30am and 4:30pm on (01482) 396469.

Tue 03 Nov


News updates of changes within the taxi/private hire trade due to COVID-19.

Wed 04 Nov

Sport clubs

Sport clubs have been stopped due to the latest national restrictions.

Further guidance will follow when available.

Thu 12 Nov

Tourist information centres

The Tourist Information Centres in Beverley and Bridlington are currently closed.

Thu 05 Nov

Trading standards

If you have a Trading Standards complaint you should call the Citizens Advice consumer service on 0808223113 who will provide you with basic advice. Trading Standards will continue to monitor complaints but will only respond to emergencies.

A weights and measures verification service will be provided by Trading Standards but only to sectors in the vital supply chain and medical/fuel industries.


Fri 17 Apr

Welfare support service

The safety of the customers/tenants, families and staff are paramount and the council has been working hard to maintain service delivery as well as planning for future service delivery as the situation evolves.

The council has been following changes in government guidance in relation to social distancing and ensuring that customers/tenants and staff who are aged 70 or over or under 70 with an underlying health condition are supported to remain safely at home where possible.

The Welfare Support Service offer has been reducing over this last week in accordance with the guidance, demand for service and availability of staff.

The council is also looking at how it can make best use of staff to support customers and deliver a service to all tenants. It would also like to provide reassurance that contact will continue to be maintained and this may be on a reduced level of visits, but where this is the case, contact will be provided on other days via a telephone call.

These measures are being put in place to help the council to safeguard customers, families and staff and thanks the residents in advance for their support and patience at this time.

Thu 22 Oct