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COVID-19 Vaccination

The coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is safe and effective. It gives you the best protection against coronavirus.

The vaccine rollout is being managed by the NHS.
What's on this page:

    Key facts about the vaccine

    • The vaccine is safe and effective and has been thoroughly tested.

    • You will need 2 injections, taken 3 to 12 weeks apart.

    • The vaccine rollout is managed by the NHS, not the council.

    • Even if you've had the vaccine, you'll still need to follow current safety guidance

    • If eligible, you can book a vaccine on the NHS website

    • The vaccine is now available to people aged 18 or over

    • If not eligible, you must wait to be contacted by the NHS

    • You cannot pay privately for a vaccine.

    Who can get the vaccine

    You can book you vaccine on the NHS website now if any of the following apply:

    • you're aged 18 or over
    • you're at high risk from COVID-19 (clinically extremely vulnerable)
    • you have a condition that puts you at higher risk (clinically vulnerable)
    • you have a learning disability
    • you're a frontline health or social care worker you get a Carer's Allowance, get support following an assessment by your local authority or your GP record shows you're a carer
    • if you're an eligible unpaid carer but you cannot book an appointment, speak to your GP surgery.

    Read more about who is eligible for a vaccine on the NHS website.

    You must be registered with a GP surgery before you book a vaccine. You can register with a GP if you do not have one.

    Book your COVID-19 vaccination appointments

    Be aware of vaccine scams

    Unfortunately, some people are receiving fraudulent calls and text messages offering the COVID-19 vaccination. Please remember, the vaccine is only available from the NHS and the NHS will contact you when it is your turn.

    The NHS will:

    • NEVER ask you to press a button on your keypad or send a text asking you to confirm you want the vaccine - this would result in a charge being applied to your phone bill

    • NEVER ask for payment for the vaccine or for your bank details

    • NEVER arrive announced at a person's home offering a vaccination particularly in exchange for payment.

    Read more from AGE UK about vaccine scams.

    The BBC also has a useful article about current covid scams.